Binoculars – What to Look for When You Need to Buy?

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After realizing that they need a pair of binoculars, most people just walk into a store and buy the first one they see. This often backfires on them as it might not suit their needs despite having some of the standard specifications. The huge variance as far as the prices are concerned, can make the purchasing and selection processes a nightmare if not confusing as well. Therefore, there is a need to find the best solution to the concern; how to buy binoculars?

Binoculars – What to Look for When You Need to Buy

Reasons for buying the Binoculars

It is advisable to put some thought into the kind of binoculars you want before making the final decision. The need for the binoculars should guide you in this. For instance, someone who needs military binoculars may have different specifications in mind as compared to one who needs it for bird watching, whale watching or hunting. 

Some people may need a pair for sightseeing in exotic locations. Being clear about your needs will help you get the correct specifications because an individual who loves bird watching may be more interested in image quality while a person who takes theirs on a family boat may need a pair that is waterproof.


A glance at a pair of binoculars or on ads will reveal some numbers and sadly most buyers do not spend any time to know what they mean. The figures reveal the zoom or magnification of the pair of binoculars. For instance, if you get a magnification of 7×30, it means that the pair can magnify objects seven times the actual size. 

You will also get the size of their lens from the numbers as well and from the above example, it means that the size of the lens is 3omm. A point to note is that the size of the lens does not necessarily indicate its quality. However, if a pair of binoculars has large lenses, you will get brighter views and larger field of visions. 

International spies or private investigators may need binoculars with 10: zoom, and unless you are one, you should buy one with less magnification so as to have good crisp and brighter images. If you like using natural lighting, you should buy binoculars that are designed with a roof prism as they will make better use of the light.


You can get binoculars for as low as two hundred dollars and as high as two thousand dollars. Some of the factors affecting pricing include specifications such as lower or higher field of vision and cheap or high-end lenses. Some companies also offer a lifetime guarantee for their products because they are so well constructed and hence the high prices. 

Another factor affecting the pricing of the binoculars is the technology that improves view quality and stabilization. Some binoculars have other optional devices and features that may have an impact on their prices as well. Guided by your needs, you should make some price comparison first before settling on any pair of binoculars.

Types of Binoculars Available

Some of the binoculars available in the market include maritime binoculars which come with all kinds of gadgets to make the work of the user easier. Such features include state-of-the-art compasses, lightweight waterproof casing. This does not mean that waterproof binoculars are limited to people who may be going into the water; it could also help others when there is a fog, in case it falls into water or a muddy puddle on a rainy day. 

Your child may also drop it into a toilet, and its waterproof features may just save the day for you. Photographers go for binoculars with in-built digital cameras meaning that they can kill two birds with one stone. Hunters, on the other hand, prefer a pair with range finders while birdwatchers choose those with stabilization features. 

Some binoculars have coated lenses, and this helps to extend their life for a long time. I Coated lens also improve image quality and the contrast of the binoculars. Coating for binoculars comes in the forms of fully multi coated; multi coated, fully coated and partially coated.

There are also night vision binoculars which are ideal for those people whose jobs involve secret work at night. Some of the considerations to have in mind when buying a night vision binoculars include the distance you want to focus on and the generation of night vision you need. You have to be quite keen as far as the latter case is concerned because if you are dealing with government security, you may have to choose a pair with higher generation while people who just want entertainment or to study animals may choose a lower generation.

Size of Binoculars

Another factor to put into consideration when trying to buy a pair of binoculars is the size of the binoculars. Some people may need a light weight and handy binoculars to carry along with other baggage as you walk or go about your activities such as hunting or going on a safari. Most people think that small binoculars do not have as many features as the larger ones, and this is not always the case-

Comfortable to Use

You should also check if the pair of binoculars is easy to use and that you can use it comfortably without straining. This is especially for people who wear spectacles. Such people should ask for binoculars whose eyepiece is suitable for people with spectacles and not use just any eyepiece.

Terms and Conditions

When looking to buy binoculars, you should keenly look at the terms and conditions of the sale. Such terms include after sale services, warranty and so on.

Where to Buy

You can but a pair of binoculars offline and online. To get the best store you can ask for referrals for your loved ones who have them already. Most offline stores have websites as well, and you can log on and compared to two or more stores before making a decision. You can also look at online forums of enthusiasts or people who use them on a regular basis for work. 

Such forums have a wealth of information regarding prices and the best brands in the market. If you are still not sure about where to go and but you can look at consumer websites and forums for help as they will help address your on concern; how to buy binoculars?