All You Need to know About Binoculars and Spotting

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It is obvious when you need a better view of a sporting event, you would rather follow the match at home on the television than spend a fortune only to go see tiny objects running around the stadium. A sports binocular is here to ensure the live event is within your view. It allows you to experience the real-time fan and avoid boredom while watching it at the comfort of your home. 

However, this is only possible when you get a good pair of binoculars with a wider view and better telescope functionality. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, football, hockey... the list is endless, you can enjoy the entertainment that comes with them. Some sports which are more of hobbies than sports like shooting, bird watching and hunting; binoculars is a necessary.

What makes a good pair of binoculars for sporting?

The choice of binoculars depends on the following factors:

  • The purpose you intend to use it for.
  • Your budget for the gadget.
  • The type of sport you plan to operate it on.
  • The prism design.

Some of the basic features of a good pair of binoculars include:

All You Need to know About Binoculars and Spotting

The Field of View (FOV)

It makes no sense for you to have binoculars, which you can only view a smaller view of the action. The field of view is the width at which you can view an object or action at a glance. Look for binoculars with a wide FDV to minimize on your movement. When birding, you need to see birds flying from one point to the other without much disturbance. A good FGV at 1000 yards should be 315 ft.

Image Quality

Your main aim of binoculars is to watch objects and action just like you can see with your naked eyes. Binoculars should just act as an aid to see and further enhance the picture quality. Use one that can show you the good images of objects without compromising on image quality. This is only possible when you have telescopes with strong convex lens for receiving light from the distant object. Image quality is compromised when the light reflecting ability is poor. Like in a magnifying glass where at times the objects appear upside down.

Imagine when out hunting and you need to shoot at the neck of an animal, you need real-time action so that you do not waste bullets or spear while trying to make a trial and error shot. The image quality of the best sports binoculars should have a convex lens with an anti-reflective outer cover while its tubes are made from aluminum and a silicon or leather insulation.

Area of Focus

Sports is an action event; when out in the jungle hunting, you need to check on any dangers and obstacles around your prey for you to make the right decision on when to shoot. You need binoculars with a better magnification, although a higher magnification only zooms the prey but gives you very few details of its surrounding which is vital for your hunting spree. Have an optical gadget with an average magnification of TX -OX for the best focus.

Eye Relief

Since sports binoculars use lenses, when you have a high-powered lens, it can be a cause of eye discomfort and more often frequent headaches especially when you have to use them over a long period of time. The recommended figures for this device as an eye relief should be 18mm-21 mm.

Focusing Distance

Different binoculars have varied focusing distance, hunters, birders and shooters require a longer focusing distance because of the nature of their activities. Birds get distracted by any simple movement. You need to stay some distance away for you to bring the right focus closer to you with minimal interference.


Any contact between the skin and the telescopes can cause sweating depending on the type of weather. When out enjoying, bird watching, you can never tell the type of weather. Your hunting spree should not be interfered with simply because your binoculars came into contact with water or sweat hence affecting its functionality.

Birding with Binoculars

Birding is an expedition which should be enjoyable and fun. The enjoyment is enhanced by haying an optical tool to allow you view the birds from a 3D view. The stability of the binoculars gives it an upper hand to other gadgets with similar lenses, but poor bird image quality as well as a poor focus on the entire environment.

Hunting with Binoculars

Hunting spree is not a walk in the park, you have to climb trees, pass through rugged landscapes and terrain just to get a good view of the animals of the wild. You need low-light performance binoculars for it can enhance the dull environment of vegetation for better magnification.

Shooting with Binoculars

Timing is the right skiII you require when shooting, you cannot achieve this if the type of binoculars does not give you details because it is not just a matter of shooting but hitting the target. Thisport needs high-power binoculars with a high magnification with a sharp focus on an object. With this, hitting the right part of your target is a click of a button away.

Tips For Using Binoculars and Spotting Scopes - Video


Binoculars have many uses in the sporting industry, whichever sport you may think of, you need this optical aid to enhance your viewing and to allow you to watch every bit of it with minimal movement. This is only possible when you have the right binoculars for that event. You need to carry out a due diligence on various binoculars available in the market, just to make sure you acquire the right binoculars for the purpose. 

Have a rough idea for the right specifications you are looking for and seek reviews from other users of the same product to prove its functionality and durability. Do not be carried away with manufacturers advertisements, they are out to make profits with a minimal thought on their customers' needs. 

Hunting, shooting, outdoor games and birding needs similar features of binoculars, while the indoor games require rather opposite specifications. Universal binoculars with settings for both functions is even better for an all-round sports person though at a higher cost.

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